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About RB Arts : Riyad - Badira

A wife and husband team, partners and friends for a lifetime. They have devoted all their experiences, and their passion for beauty into creating art that can take you to far off places and evoke deep spiritual connection. Riyad and Badira’s mission is to bring happiness and bliss to others through their love for color, design, and one another.


Badira Farrah

When we met, I quickly learned that Badira had a keen eye for color, antiques, and handmade arts. Naturally, she became my right hand and consultant during my career as a graphic designer and photographer. At the time, little did I know that her talent was only scratching the surface! Throughout the years, she has worked to perfect her craft. She’s mastered an array of artistic tools and mediums, ranging from embroidery, ceramic, wood, tiles, water colors, oils, to acrylic. But despite the variety in her methods, the subject of her art has been constant: Jerusalem. The Holy City, her birth place, is near and dear to her heart. She strives to depict the love that she has for its cityscapes, colors, and traditions. – Riyad Ghosheh


Riyad Ghosheh

Riyad told me that since he was five years old his mother used to show his drawings to his uncles, and how he feels when they say “wow Riyad this is great drawings”, this is the “wow” which makes him learn and try more to discover his graphic design talent which become his profession and carrier. Hearing the “wow” from his clients was his goal, and if his art didn’t “wow” them he reinvents his work till they reward him with the “wow”. Riyad loves his work and always says “graphic design” is my second wife, which of course make me jealous. He is very cool and patient I learned a lot from him, he stands with me and helped me in my learning, practicing, and discovering my talent. I am happy that now he has the time to do what he wished for long years to do, he is utilizing his over 30 year’s experience to come up with new modern Islamic Art express the meaning of Islam as a love and peace religion and a way of life. – Badira Farrah


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